Android application for Mastodon

App Features

The app has many features that would improve your experience on Mastodon.
  • Multi-account client

    The app allows to add many accounts from different instances.
  • Cross-account actions

    With a long press on some buttons, the action can be performed with another connected account.
  • Pin Tags

    The app allows to pin your search and display them in tabs for an easy access.
  • Follow Instances

    You can follow other instances and interact with toots thanks to cross-account actions.
  • Backup your toots

    Your toots can be backuped locally, that will allow you to filter them (date range / Keywords / privacy / etc.).
  • Split long messages

    The app allows to automatically split long messages to avoid char limits.
  • Translate

    You can translate every messages by a simple click.

More about the application

Here are some screenshots of the application